Proof concerning Aztec travel

Met this Author of this great book regarding the travel of Aztecs and why they fled Mexico City Great proof, Great Evidence, excellent information click to get this information before it gets lost for ever.


2020 CHICANO Moratorium see u ther

Its been 50 years and the feeling of oppression still resonates like never before your children have grown and we have have lost some, BRING your voice and join us at the Atlantic blvd Marcha. Wheel chair? Legs hurt? Don’t worry it all meets at Ruben Salazar Park on Whittier Blvd in East Los. ZENTOstudio will be there slanging the best collection of the SILVER DOLLAR ever join us.


“First Fridays Vending in the CALLE!”

If your in Salinas CA. Drop in and get your copies of the photography that defines the Movement and explains where we are TODAY!

Photography that defines the Movement and explains where we are TODAY!
The DEFINITIVE archives of the 70s & 80s CHICANO movement.

Your Donations help; LA CAUSA!

come visit us 222 Main St the CITY of Salinas California til 7 P.M.

any amount of DINERO will help keep these books and site and me ALIVE.

SHOUT OUT to these VATOS Buyepongo playing here:

8/9/2019 Buyepongo Vs. Quitapenas Fresno, CA
8/10/2019 San Jose Jazz Festival San Jose, CA
8/17/2019 LA Taco Festival Los Angeles , CA
9/7/2019 Museum Of Latin American Art Long Beach, CA